Veeramachaneni Rama Krishna diet plan

Veeramachaneni Rama Krishna diet plan

Loose weight in less time.

Quick weight loss program

Veeramachaneni Rama Krishna diet program

The hot topic in Andhra These days is Veeramachaneni Rama Krishna diet program.

In my office itself I have seen many of my friends following his diet plan then i have watched his videos and planned to make this note, for all people who cannot understand Telugu.

I have plans to start this diet too…..

Veeramachaneni Rama Krishna diet plan

The Main concept of this diet plan is that.

Our body functions on 2 types of metabolism 1) Carbs based metabolism & 2)fat based metabolism.

Since our childhood, our body is functioning on Carbs based metabolism, so his plan is to convert the cards based metabolism into complete fat based metabolism. So he gives a diet plan which does have cards and only diet based on proteins and fats.

People can follow this diet for as many days they want. The fat lose, depends on person to person so the days of the plan differs.

The Diet Programs.

He explains the diet in 4 pillars model

1) Fat diet

2) Water(4 lts daily)

3)lemons(3 per day)

4)multi vitamin tablets(1 – 2 per day)

Fat Diet

Coming to the fat diet he suggests 6 fat based food which has to be consumed 70-100 grams daily directly. Only one of them to be consumed. The quantity to be correctly measured (make note of this). Only this foods to be taken.

The fat foods are

1)Coconut oil


3)Clear Butter

4)cheese above curd(malai)

5)Butter(Amul Butter or Vijaya Butter)

6)Olive Oil

So many people said that they could see better results with coconut oil.

2) Water

It is compulsory to intake 4 liters of water daily. By the end of the day you should make sure to take 4 liters of water.


3 lemons to be consumed daily as per the diet plan. You can in take the lemons mixed with butter milk, hot water, …

4)Multivitamin Tablets

In this diet as we are not consuming any fruits and proteins. It is must to take vitamin tablets. If you have planned for a 1 meal plan make sure to take 2 multivitamins tablets daily. And for 2 meal plan talk 1 multi vitamin tablet. You can purchase vitamin tablets from near by medical shops.

Other items you can intake

In this diet you can also consume 0-6 eggs daily. Can take dry fruits like almond, …

Again the diet can be of 2 types solid meal diet and liquid diet plan.

If you are of more obesity you can follow the liquid diet(soup based diet). For people with target of loosing less weight they better follow solid diet.

Liquid diet consists of liquid diet.

I will make sure to update more details about this….

for any doubts you can comment below..

Note: Please make a note of this some of friends has followed this diet plan they have faced many side effects like headache, leg pains, back pains, dizziness or so visit your personal doctor and take advise of him/her and better start this diet…